You wanna have sex with me, really? Nah, you’re my bitch. You don’t even wanna fuck me because you know you can’t please me. I invited you into my bedroom because I know you were harmless. And because I don’t want to lead you on, I’m going to tell you outright that you’re not getting anything more than a tease from me.

And since lover status is off the table, beg to be of other use to me, simp.

How long do you think you can stare at me without blowing? Watching my rub my body, caressing my tits, teasing you with my pussy. You love stroking to me. It makes your dick twitch seeing more than you deserve. Twitch, throb, and then leak. Teased into submission.

So horny and so stupid for me.

Bow down before me. Strip yourself of all clothing, completely naked, on your knees, pray to me. Worship me. I am your religion.

I expect a shrine in dedication to me. Repeating as you bow, “there is no god other than Meggerz.” Pray and repeat after me.

My good boy, star crossed and bond to his queen. Proud to have made it 100 days locked in chastity for his perfection. I am written into your DNA. You were lost before you found me and I gave you purpose. Worship me, adore me, suffer for me. You soak it all in as you can only do as I command. 100 days was a feat but you can do more. You can go longer. I want to see how far I can push you and you want to prove yourself to me.

Haha wasn’t that fun?

Don’t worry, I promise I’m not as cruel this time. 😉