You can’t break the habit. You pick up a tablet or sit down at your computer desk and start twitching in your pants. You’re subconsciously becoming aroused. The habit is strong. You might not even notice what’s happening to you until you leak a little pre cum. You weren’t even thinking about watching porn but your body is so conditioned from the correlation between the screen and the stroking.

Because all your little quickies turn into hours lost scrolling through clips, looking for that perfect fantasy. Stop fighting the flow and give into it.

Am I? Or is it really you doing all the work?


Giving into my greed so easily. Paying such a hefty price tag to be awarded the title of good boy from me. You’ve earned it.

You’ve earned it all with your wallet.

Stroking with pride as if we share this intimacy of you being my good boy. Keep stroking faster and faster. Don’t stop. You only release at my command. Keep stroking through the pain. Work through the need to orgasm and will yourself not to cum, not until I’m ready. You’re my good boy. You obey me.

Are you going to cum? Are you going to fuck everything up for your stupid orgasm?

You ruined it. You displeased me. And now you pay the price.


The higher the price tag, the hotter the tease. At the mercy of my paymails.

Trick Or Treat?

Will it be a trick or a treat this Halloween?
I guide your stroke but will I allow you to cum?
Trick or treat..?