Fuck Me Up Quicker Liquor

Take my shot glass, grab some of your favorite ‘fuck you up quicker’ liquor, and play shots with me.

I set the mood (quick and painlessly) to help that alkie go straight to your head. One, two, three and throw it back!

After every shot, I snap and you tribute. But don’t worry Mr. Tightwad. I start small, I feel you out, and I only let you cum once I get my way.

P2V Titty To Die For

Play my little P2V game.

Enjoy your orgasm.

You need me.

Meggerz Affirmations

meggerz affirmations

I want you to enjoy this clip. I want you to stare at me and jerk off with my instruction.
Listen to my voice. Repeat after me. Stroke. Enjoy.

Loser Humiliation

loser humiliation clips

I’m here cuz you pay me big money. I remind you of that repeatedly. I mock you and I tease you and then I mock you some more. I throw up your fav hand gestures over and over to ensure you know what you are: a fuckingĀ loser. And of course I tease you more. I verbally destroy you and I finally deny you a happy ending. Let’s not forget the tribute you’re sending me for ruining that orgasm. You’re welcome.

Candid Convo – My Life

candid convo - my spoiled life

It’s like coffee talk (wine talk) with Princess Meggerz. I share with you a few of my thoughts on life, give you a little insight into my life, and of course and as always, humiliate you.
Life is hard. Cheers.