You’re dripping for me. Edging yourself. Each drop a mini orgasm.

Drip Drip Drip

Prolonging the orgasm and delaying the gratification to enjoy the drip from your tip.

The follow up to Tantric Tits

I’m going to make this quick and easy for the both of us. I’m not happy with what I’m getting paid and I know you’re willing to pay me more. And you know how I know this? Let’s just say that it’s pretty obvious that you’ve been checking out my feet in the office. Which leads me to believe you’d do anything to get down on your knees and worship them.

Oh my, looks like we’ve got quite the sucker here. You love sucking so much, I bet you’d enjoy sucking cock too. I bet I could get everyone raises here in the office if I told them all they had to do was fuck you. And you’d like that.

You’re nothing more than a bitch to feet and a cock sucking wannabe faggot. Glad we’ve cleared that up. And you’ll never know if or when I decide to unleash your little weakness of letting the other employees know all they have to to is whip out their cock to get their raise too.

The keys to your achy cock trace my cleavage.

Suffer for me.

I love fucking with your mind while I’ve got your cock completely under my control.

The pressure’s building and it feels so good to suffer to my tease.

Cum for me in that cage. Dribble dribble drip drip…

No need to sugar coat- No. Sh*t coat your addiction. A fart in your face is perfume. The most beautiful scent you’ve ever sniffed. Just one whiff of my asshole is enough to put you over the edge, huh freak?

MMMM. And imagine sticking your tongue inside my asshole… Nasty as FUCK.

My shine makes you stupid. It makes you want to stroke and spend.

Slutty shine makes you stupid, stroke, and spend.