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Can’t deny there’s something about the scent of a women. That raw aroma drives you wild. Your primal urge is to sniff her and obey. But that’s not what I’m giving you. Nope. Instead I’m going to lock your cock up. Then and only then will you be allowed to sniff me. Your ultimate kink is so humiliating.

This was initially going to be a sweet tit tease and cash drain but then I realized that’s probably too good for most of you. So I created this:

Pits or Tits?

Don’t deserve my tits? I know. That’s why I made it as a choose your own adventure. Humiliation lurks around every corner. Drained, mind fucked, and begging for more. Which path will you choose? Click below to get started. Every paymail will include a shirt candid clip to encourage you on your way. Follow my instruction to be guided to your destination, ORGASM.


Remember to rate all paymails 5 stars and report to me any broken links or unattached files. ENJOI