These slippers were the best. Super warm and so well insulated to incubate all the most perfect foot scents and smells. But it’s time to re-home them and I know just the footboy for the job. With just one whiff of these slippers, footboy goes crazy. One whiff makes you beg to fall lower and be entertaining and more useful to me. But before I show you my prefect feet I want to tease you with your other weakness: my ass.

Imagine kneeling before my ass and running your tongue up and down my wrinkled soles… and then all the way up to my ass, giving it a kiss. But let’s not get too carried away now. Let’s get back to my stink, sweaty slippers. I want you to be the proud new owner of my slippers. When you give them a little sniff they give you a big throb and you drift away into foot bitch heaven. Face it, you need me.

Who’s my good boy? Are you my good boy? You jump for the reward of my ass, turning to mush as I tease you? Weak and stupid thinking about all the things you’ve done for me over the years. Do you realize you’ve helped create me? Given me everything I’ve ever wanted, you’ve created this monster. And you’re going to continue to feed and feed and feed me until you have nothing left. Remember, I didn’t ask for any of this, I just expected it. I’ve built an empire of good boys conditioned to expect a fulfill a duty at the sound of my snap.

He loves his little teases but he knows they aren’t because he deserves to stroke. These teases are to drive deeper into your brain and mush it up.

I’m feeling hot and generous right now, I’m in the mood for a little worship session. I’m going to let you, my little sub slave bitch show me just how much you adore me. Isn’t that what you want to do?

Let’s warm up with my ass. Give it a kiss. You show tribute through acts of affection.

But kissing my ass is a very selfish act. We both know you’re getting much more out of this than I am. So for every kiss you give me, I’ll give you a smack across your ass to show you just how I truly feel about you. You worship me and I destroy you. That’s our special slaving worshipping dynamic.

I want you slowly stroking, warming yourself up. Stroke, stroke, stroke, and stop… because now comes the fun part. The sniffing. You’re going to huff for me while I you down from 10 and if you can hang in there for 10 counts, you’ll be stroking again in no time. Impress me. Ready?

Each round we go faster and harder as you sniff yourself into orgasm.

My ass makes you do naughty things, doesn’t it? You want to be my good boy and worship my ass as it deserves to be worshipped. You’d do anything to crawl over to my ass and plant a kiss right on my cheek. Just the thought of kissing my ass is exciting you.

Pull your dick out and grip it. Start slowly stroking. But in order to for me to put my ass back into your face, you’re going to have to do a few things for me now. Open that email one handedly and address me, subject line “ass worship.” You wanna see my ass again, don’t you? Mmmmmm… now keep stroking while you type out the information my ass requires of you.

Now it’s $200 a month for the rest of my life or a buyout. The buyout being a pic of you sucking cock. And we both know you’re going to be begging to worship my ass from now until the end so there shouldn’t be any reason to even entertain the idea of sucking cock. I count you down and you click send if you want to cum.