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Do you love my girls? Oh, I know you do. You are obsessed with my girls. My two beautiful twins. And there’s not a day that goes by without you thinking about them. Addicted, huh? So go on and be a good boy and tell the girls how you feel about em. For once in your life I am going to tell you to direct your attention to my chest and not into my eyes. Tell them how thankful you are being allowed to focus on them.
Say, “I love you, girls! Thank you girls for bringing me so much pleasure and JOI.”

You love being told to confess to my tits. “Thank you, girls!” for carrying you through so many lonely nights.

Now ask the girls if they will please accept tribute as a form of thanks and appreciation. Beg my girls to accept your tribute. It’s an honor to talk directly to the girls. So what do you say girls? Do we accept his tribute as thanks?

Pretty much no humiliation. Straight tit joi tease with cum countdown. Lucky you.
Lose yourself in my tits. Functioning on auto-jerk pilot. Fantasizing about my big soft tits wrapped around you.
Zip and unzip, watch my tits. Just a taste what you crave. I’m so hot and you’re so hard. You need to stroke, stroke, stroke to my tits. Pump away. Here they are, all for you. I want you to stroke. I want you to enJOI my tits.