Up and down, up and down. I zip. You drip.

Open that wallet, like a good boy does and please me.

Dripping and zipping.

Funding my greed.

My tits make you weak and you cannot resist sending tribute.

You can’t enjoy the stroke, your orgasm isn’t as fulfilling without truly knowing you’ve done everything you possibly can do to please me. You put me first. But you can’t do that because you have baggage, don’t you?
You could easily sneak off and bang one out behind her back but it’s not the same. You want lasting commitment. You want to invest in me, in us. I am your one true future. It’s me and you, til the end. You’re one true desire.

Tell me how much fun you had last night. It was so hot. The harder I drained you the easier it was. Tribute after tribute. I snapped effortlessly and you jumped.

But I want more. I always want more. And it’s you responsibility to give it to me.

This is not a simple jerk clip. Oh no. With me it’s always a fuck with your mind or fuck with your wallet type scenario.
So listen up.
If you’re a two pump chump there will con$equence$.
And if you can’t cum under the pressure, you pay the loser can’t cum tax.

And don’t forget: I ALWASY fuck you.

The sting of the wallet. A little here and a little there and it all adds up. But it’s only enough to get you worked up, not enough to put you over the edge.

This sting will put you over the edge.

I’m that luxury. I am the finer things in life.

You want to be ruined. Destroyed. I demand tribute and you comply. So pig, you’re fucked.