When I’m happy, you’re happy. Do. It.

My shine makes you stupid. It makes you want to stroke and spend.

Slutty shine makes you stupid, stroke, and spend.





Findom Advice

I received this email,

“Dear Ms Meggerz. I recently stumbled upon some of your videos on my friend’s computer. All of the clips were bratty and involved being manipulated financially. Sure, I admit I’ve been able to get him to buy me a few little things; coffee, some makeup… but I didn’t realize it was his ‘thing’. And to make things even crazier, I think he experiments with chastity. So I wanted to get your advice. I know he’s a sucker for a good tease and this seems like something we could both benefit from, how do you recommend I proceed?”

And here is my advice.

resist tit

I challenge you to carry on a conversation with me and keep your eyes UP here and your head nice and clear. Call me out if I lie. Prove me wrong… not all men are weak when it comes to cleavage. Right? Prove to me some men do have self control.

But you can’t resist me. My zipper slides down a little further and you get weak… stupid. You want to peek and jerk off all your money. But were going to make the widdle tit bitch control himself. From now on, every time you break my gave and take a peek at my chest, you owe me $100. Do you understand me?

pleasing me with cash findom

You always back come to me, no matter what the price.

You’ll do as I say. Hands off while you stare at me and worship me. Denying yourself with the satisfaction of knowing you benefit me in the way I choose.

And of course I’m going to enjoy my own touch even if you aren’t.

Thank god you can afford this.

No touching… even if I am…

You pleasure with cash.