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You adore viewing my leather gloves rubbing my round ass. How mesmerizing it is. How it’s causing you to throb uncontrollably. And how much you love being a good boy, earning these mind fuckingly delicious rewards.

But now tell me, do you really think you deserve this, deserve me? *SMACK* Maybe I need to smack some sense into you.

Anticipating the feel of my leathered gloves touch your face, so worked up to feel me make that connection. So tell me how much harder you are going to work for me, my glove obsessed bitch. You need to be used by my leather gloves, smacking you in the face.

My leather gloved hands wrapped around my lover’s cock drives you wild. He gets to enjoy my dark lips and tongue teasing his cock. His cock enjoys the leather of my driving gloves as I stroke him. Watch me take him and deny you.

All my cuckold gets to experience is jealousy as the leather gloves used to caress his cock are rubbed in your face.

Leather Overload

You can’t resist my leather. It drives you wild. Tell me, would you love more than my leather hand snuggly gripped around your cock, milking you?

leather fetish clips

You’ve got a strong attraction to leather and I know how to tease you in it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the happy ending.