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I snap and you come running. I snap my pretty little fingers and my bitch is at my beck and call. You exist to serve me. That’s why you are in my presence. I snap and you ask your mistress what she requires of him. If I want to be entertained, you are my jester. If I need an errand, you are my errand boy. But do you know what my most favorite command is? It’s a nice, hard, fast fuck.

It’s not something you’re used to… fucking hard and fast, huh? But if that’s the fucking I want, that’s the fuck you get. I snap and you do as commanded. You open that wallet for me. You’re a good boy. The answer is always “yes Mistress.” The answer is you always obeying me.

Hard and fast. I really want you to feel something. The kind of fuck that when it’s over you can’t believe you got so lost in me.

My good boy opens his wallet and he gives mistress what she most desires. He suffers for her pleasure, for her satisfaction. Open your wallet and get ready to tribute… FAST AND HARD.