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Throbbing with dick in your hand but I never gave you instruction to start stroking. Your hands are off your cock…. my cock. I own your cock.

Right now I just want you to stare at me while I tease you with my body. And I don’t want you stroking at all. Feeling that throbbing ache, letting it bounce and drip for me. Hands off enjoying the show. How hard and desperate are you for me to allow pumping? But you’re not stroking. You’re not pumping. You’re not fucking that f1st. Hands off of my cock because I would hate you to take a couple of pumps, explode and ruin my show. So we’re not ruing the show. We’re going to keep sitting there with our hands off my cock.

…okay, I’m ready to give it to you now.

Here we go… 10… 9… 8…

You want to be my good little bitch and fuck yourself for me. But not with your hand, no. I want you to finger your fuck hole. I want you to bend over and stick your fingers up inside your cunt and finger that g-spot. Your little clitty can throb all it wants but you’re not stroking. Nope. You’re only allowed to finger bang your fuck hole.

So suck those fingers, lube them up nice for me. Then you’re going to bend over, spread yourself wide open and fuck yourself into oblivion. Show me what a big mess you will make for me, moaning like a whore, ready to squirt all for me.

Can’t handle my tittie teases. Poor pathetic little inadequate dick gets so worked up it spits and explodes- just like that.

Which is exactly why we’re going to practice a lesson in edging. And of course your little dicklet is going to fight back. It’s going to throb and drip, begging you to cum. It’s gong to beg and plead to explode… and you might actually explode before given permission…. just more proof of your inadequacy. Stare at my tits as I watch that dicklet jump and pulsate. Stroking and stopping. Stroking and stopping to my tits. Poor pathetic dicklet starts and stops as I command. Stroke as the tease turns to hardcore humiliation. And let’s see if I even allow that release.

Do you realize how mind numbingly easy boys are to control?

You make it so stupid easy for me. You goon and you drool. You can’t help yourself. So pathetic. You’re mind fucking your own self to me. Keep edging, keep stroking. Always chasing my sweet release.

Stroke to me and then stroke to my fingers. You know, that sexy little L symbol that gets you so worked up. Pump it, loser. And let me remind you how easy this is for me. You’re so eager to gobble up any sort of loser humiliation that all I have to to is stand back and rub how pathetic this truly is in your face.

Now repeat your loser mantra out loud for me. “I’m a loser. I’m a loser. I’m a loser.” Repeat it as you stroke. Over and over, again and again… withOUT cumming.