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The temptation of Tit. Tit owns. Tit controls. Oiled up and splashed with water, beading up and dribbling down to the edge of my perfect tit. Tit owns you fully. Tit controls you fully. Tit’s driving you mad. You need tit.


You need me infiltrating your mind, fucking you up and fucking you over. So let’s not fuck around, we both know what we want here, we both want you fucked up. Count, breath, count hold. Simple efficient fun for my benefit. I tease and I destroy. You are my bitch! Now breathe and send me that tribute! And what do you say? That’s right! “Thank you.” Good boy.

Take that cage off and open my tribute page. My instructions are very simple. You click the tribute amount I desire, don’t worry – I don’t destroy you off the gates. And you breathe it all in for me while I count you down. Then you click TRIBUTE while you hold it all in for me, me counting you down again until you are allowed to relax and start stroking.
So it goes a little something like this: stroke, breathe to countdown, tribute and hold to countdown, relax, and stroke. Oh but the mind fuck, the head spinning, the wallet destruction all in combination is enough to make any boy explode in agony.

The humiliation turns you on. The big L. The brutal truth is all it takes to work you up. Jerk your loser dick while I lay it on thick.

So who’s a good loser? Are you a good loser for me? Stroke your dick as I look down at you and laugh in your pathetic face. You LOVE the humiliating jerk. You love the sexy tease but you choose to jerk to the humiliating tease. Triggered as I whisper in your ear… loser… pathetic… loser…  over and over into your cum countdown.

Mmmmm just the thought of blackmail turns you on. The thought of me holding your dirty little secret over your head and then outting you to your friends and family is so hot. You’re going to give me your deepest, darkest, dirtiest little secret. You’re going to type it all out send it right over into my clutches AND you’re going to stroke while doing it.

You want me to blackmail you. You need me to fuck you over so hard, to be outted with your dick in your hand. Your most embarrassing fantasy, humiliating perversion. The one secret fetish you’ve never shared with anyone. What gives you the hardest cock and the strongest blow. You need me to have your secret fantasy and to hold it over you. What’s the filthiest thing you’ve done or what do you just need me to make you do? Tell me. How long will you REALLY go?

And once it’s sent, once you know that secret can never be taken back, I’ll give you your little cum countdown reward.