Be a good pay piggy.

A good piggy for me.

You want to stroke to me, not her.

Stroke to me. Give into me. Release it for me.

Enjoy my tits. Throb and edge. Stroke, stroke stroke!

You can handle this tease, the tease of all teases. I finally take it off. All off. Just for you.

I’m really here to serve you, aren’t I? this is your fantasy, your fetish and I’m just a little puppet acting it all out for you? I turn you on and get you off, huh?

I tease as you edge. And now you’re ready to cum for me. Let me tease it out of you.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! You’re a bitch, a nobody to me. I don’t care about you or your orgasm. I tease you to wrap myself around your mind , to drain and destroy you.

You can’t break the habit. You pick up a tablet or sit down at your computer desk and start twitching in your pants. You’re subconsciously becoming aroused. The habit is strong. You might not even notice what’s happening to you until you leak a little pre cum. You weren’t even thinking about watching porn but your body is so conditioned from the correlation between the screen and the stroking.

Because all your little quickies turn into hours lost scrolling through clips, looking for that perfect fantasy. Stop fighting the flow and give into it.

Concentrate on my fingers, my body, my voice.

Play my clip daily, I am your daily affirmation.

The addiction has started. I am…

What you crave. What you need. What you desire. To worship and obey.

Awaiting to be collared and at my beck and call.

Stroking respectfully and always denying yourself until I grant your release.

Together were the perfect combination.