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leather fetish clips

You’ve got a strong attraction to leather and I know how to tease you in it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the happy ending.


I always leave you wanting more.
First, I’m going to fuck with your mind. I’m going to tease your little cock until you can’t take it any longer and you have no choice other than to beg me to start stroking. I take a heaping handful of my chest and you sit there and stare. Enduring my tease without stroking your useless cock. You stare and you worship what you will never have. I want your dick crying out to you to stroke. But you aren’t allowed to. You don’t deserve to take away any pleasure from my tease.

You Blow Your Load, You Pay For It

cum tax

You cum for me ie. you drain yourself over my pics of clips, you will PAY my CUM TAX. It’s really as simple and straightforward as that. And if you cum without my permission, pay double.