Such an ass kisser, feeding my ego whilst being a bumbling idiot. But what I want is a literal ass kisser. A nervous slave on his knees awaiting permission to press his lips against my ass. Pucker up and wait for my word to kiss. Grovel and verbalize your cock throbbing lust for me. I know it’s difficult thinking with your little brain but either way you’re going to sound stupid, so don’t let that stop you. Talk to my ass, tell me how you need it.

Lips to the screen, on the count of 3, kiss my ass.

No tricks or games. I want you stroking to my ass. Stroking yourself into oblivion. My ass owns you. My ass invokes the strongest orgasm.

Ass Appreciation

You show me your appreciation with cash. You are allowed to worship my beautiful bum, my juicy round ass… but you are only allowed to jerk to it once I see you are worth of my time and attention. I take cash money not pleading and begging.