Beautiful feet wrapped up in silky pantyhose. What a treat. Seeing that stitch, the seam in the toe of my hose drives you wild. Five little treats wrapped up in nylons for you to worship. Give each one of my toes a kiss and tell me you love being a bitch to my perfection.

But my feet and toes aren’t the only treat encased in my hose. Wouldn’t my pantyhose bitch love to take his nose and rub it in between my crotch and sniff my pussy too?

Sniff me, worship me, and beg for more.

Pretty obvious why you keep me around the office. I mean I’m good at my job, dont get me wrong. But I also knew upon taking this position I am way over qualified for the work fo a secretary. I only took this position because you offered me such a high salary to sit around and do nothing more than sit back, relax, and look pretty as I dangle my heels. I really don’t mind doing little to no work for a lot of pay. I do my job and I do it so well that it appears as if I call the shots around here.

Pull it out for me, sir. Oh yes, it’s about time I took some initiative and brought this all to the forefront. I want to hear the big bad boss beg his secretary to stroke. Come on, match my dangling rhythm. And I’m sure you’ve been dreaming about this moment for so long, if I snapped my fingers right now you’d explode for me. But I’m not going to do that. If you hit that point of no return, hands off that cock. This is my office and I make the rules.

Welcome to my office where nothing is off limits. Relax and make yourself comfortable. This session is completely about you. Open up and express yourself, nothing is taboo. All inhibitions are left at the door.

– Hold on a minute, my pantyhose are a bit itchy…

No need to be ashamed. We all need a release. No judgement from me.

– Ugh these hose are distracting me from you. Mind if I take them off?

Go on now, you have a fetish for stockings… legs… feet… heels. I have an idea. Why don’t you go ahead and sniff these hose. Hold then your nose and sniff as you continue to describe to me what’s going on in that head. Oh my heel too? Lick it.

Pull your hard dick out and remember this is a safe space. Good boy. Look at what I do to you. Admit it, you’re a foot bitch. You’re going to jerk to release and embrace this fetish.

You’ve come to me because your productivity is down. Your workplace has too many women in pantyhose and you just cannot stop wasting all your time staring and fantasizing. But I’m going to alleviate you of this condition. My pantyhose conditioning sessions will be a sure all cure all.

From this point forward you will only think about me in my pantyhose. You will train your mind to focus solely on me. Whenever you get horny you come back to here and now in my office and stroke to this reality. Stroke to me. Stroke picturing where you will cum. Watch as I dangle my black heels. Get lost in my pretty pink toes and soles through my sheer hose. Slowly move your gaze up my pantyhose clad legs.

And just like that – I’ve done my job.

I slowly slip my foot out of my heel and dangle it. The dangle drives you wild.

My toes wiggling behind the thin fabric of my hose turns you on. Pretty toes in sheer hose. Embrace my foot, slide it against your face and sniff.