I know I shouldn’t have been taking selfies while driving but I mean just look at me! It’s what beautiful women do. Now just tell the that it wasn’t my fault. It was your wife who was at fault. Who cares if you submitted your dash cam footage. Cancel your insurance and pay me for the damages.
“Titty titty please, wouldn’t tit just be easier to make it just go away. Tit would be so much better. Take care of tit.”
“What are you talking about?! I’m NOT saying the word ‘tit’! Tit’s all in your head!”

You can’t enjoy the stroke, your orgasm isn’t as fulfilling without truly knowing you’ve done everything you possibly can do to please me. You put me first. But you can’t do that because you have baggage, don’t you?
You could easily sneak off and bang one out behind her back but it’s not the same. You want lasting commitment. You want to invest in me, in us. I am your one true future. It’s me and you, til the end. You’re one true desire.