No leather or latex. No whips, no chains. I don’t need any of that. I know my natural power over men. And I know how hot it is seeing me relaxed in pajamas, a true intimate state. So cute and innocent. Ready to fuck you over.

Kiss my ass, bend over backwards for me. It’s the little things I expect from you. Morning coffee and fresh flowers, grocery runs and being at my beck and call. Please me. You got this.

Relinquishing All Control

Relinquishing all control is your dream. It’s easier not to think. And if I decide to accept you, your world will be completely dictated by me.

How are you going to convince me to take time out of my life to control you? Why should I let you pay me for the responsibility of locking up your cock? How humiliating is it knowing you have to pay so dearly for my control?

And I’ll have you trained so well, I won’t have to take a moment out of my time to tell you how to serve me. You will be conditioned to know exactly what I want when I want it and in doing so, you will be completely satisfied with yourself too.