What’s it like being a loser, knowing you’ll always be rejected?

Wait, don’t tell me! I really don’t fucking care. All I know is what it feels like to get everything I want. And the feeling of rejecting losers like you is actually quite satisfying. I’m doing you a favor by giving you some humiliating sexual rejection porn to jerk off to vs going out there and really embarrassing yourself in front of an unsuspecting women.

Enjoy your up close and personal view while I drill into your head the reality of your pathetic existence.

pleasing me with cash findom

You always back come to me, no matter what the price.

You’ll do as I say. Hands off while you stare at me and worship me. Denying yourself with the satisfaction of knowing you benefit me in the way I choose.

And of course I’m going to enjoy my own touch even if you aren’t.

Thank god you can afford this.

No touching… even if I am…

You pleasure with cash.

Taste My Pussy

I know you’ve perved on girls panties before but you’ve never tasted fresh pussy. You’ve tried to suck that crusty leftover juice out of the crotch but it’s just not the same. And here I am rubbing it (literally) in your face, denying you.

You’re so close you can see each bit of me, everything in such perfect detail and you’re still rejected. It turns me on. I get wet and just to really rub that pussy juice in your wounds, I lick my finger clean.

Even Escorts Reject You

sexual rejection by escort

You’ve hired me to lose your virginity…

Oh sweetie, that is not a penis, that is just pathetic. And paying for my time does not require me to go anywhere near it. You’ve been denied your whole life and you finally built up the courage to pay for sex… but I’ve just reinforced the rejection. You can’t even lose your virginity to an escort. You’re a virgin loser and no amount of money can buy you pussy. You’re so conditioned to enjoy rejection, your penis is hard while I humiliate and deny you.

Pussy Reject

When’s the last time you felt your pathetic little dick inside a tight, warm pussy? I bet you can’t even remember. And the best part is, you’ll never get the opportunity again. No woman wants a loser. You’ve got no other options to pump that palm of yours for the rest of your life.