My little cum slut’s so ready and so eager to slurp up all his pipping hot jizz. You crave that cum. Such a filthy fucking cock whore. Can’t wait to explode into your hand and lick every drip drop of that salty hot cum load. You love when I describe how thick and delicious swishing and swallowing cum is.

I work you up with my tits. The hotter you get, the bigger your load. Your balls and full to the brim and ready to blow. Oh but let’s not forget you also fantasize about being the center of a circle jerk. You looking up to me for guidance on what to do with so much cock. Cum whore keeps eye contact with me and sucks off each one of my sluts. Feel the cum blow into your loser face and drip down into your belly. Ahhhhhh!

Not your typical CEI session.

You’ve fantasized about sucking your own load down for so long now, it’s time we made it a reality.  You’re a cum whore, a cum slut, a cum guzzler. Only a filthy fuck would crave his own load.

Go ahead and prop your cock up in front of your face and get ready for my countdown. But don’t swallow. Oh no, not just yet. I’ve got tons more fun to be had with you.

Cum Eater

He came into a condom and now it’s your responsibility to suck it all up. Suck it clean and dry. Suck his cum from my panties. Taste his deliciousness though mine.

I describe our sex life and what you’re going to do to taste it.

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I’ve got a sick and twisted little mind and you always obey my commands. So we’re going to take your orgasm to a whole new level. Trust me, this is probably going to be one of the easiest yet one of the most difficult things that I’ve ever gotten you to do. Not that it’s difficult for me. It’s never difficult for me. It’s only difficult for you to wrap your little brain around the fact that you want to aim your cock at your face and shoot for the goal (your mouth, obviously.) And when I’m done with you, you’re going to look up at me like a good cum covered whore and you’re going to thank me for using you.