We’re all married… except for you. And I want to get down to the bottom of why you’re still single. You’re our bro and I want to help. I mean come on, we’re all married to black men… with big black cock. So we all know you have a small, teeny tiny white boy penis. You have to.

No, get. back here. Let me see! OOOH!!! WOW!! It is tiny. I knew it. Here, tell me how this feels with my feet wrapped around that puny white boy penis. That wimpy white dick LOVES it. Oh boy, you’ll never amount to anything more than a wimpy white foot cuck. Puny penis never pleases a woman.

Throbbing, leaking, dripping seeing me in this teeny tiny little bikini. It’s all it takes to destroy a man. My tits are really fucking with your mind.

You’ll do anything to be given permission to keep jerking and stroking for me. Which is exactly why you’re here, you’ll do anything for that orgasm to my tits.

I do want you to cum to my tits. Staring at my big beautiful tits and I want you to stroke to them. Grip your cock and jerk it for my tits.

And loop this clip over and over and over. Goon yourself into oblivion. Over and over and over until you need to play it out and blow for my perfect, amazing, soft, perky, gorgeous tits.

Ohhh wouldn’t you just love for me to grip your cock and stroke all of that cum out of you? I bet you would. Tell me you’d love for me to drain those balls. Tell me if I were to stroke you off, would this be the first time you’ve felt a woman’s touch in a long, long time? I know you’re accustomed to your own hand but I wanna do you a little fiver favor. I want to give you something to remember. I want to jerk you off MY way. Follow my instruction into a cumtopia… or blue balls. 😉

You’ve come to me, the specialist, to cure you of your tit addiction. And of course it’s not a healthy ‘normal’ manly attraction to a woman’s tits. You are a BITCH to tits. And I just so happen to have the large luscious tits you seem to fall victim to. You wanna do stupid submissive things for my tits and yet you need to be cured of your titdiction, your ob-tit-session. So I’m going to cure you of it. Come on, beg for the cure.

“Titty titty please cure me!”

Get down on your knees and convince me that you need me to take the tit-temptation away. Oh, and did I mention when I have my clients kneeling on the floor, begging that the cost of their session doubles? And I promise to ‘break you’ of this titdiction.

The temptation of Tit. Tit owns. Tit controls. Oiled up and splashed with water, beading up and dribbling down to the edge of my perfect tit. Tit owns you fully. Tit controls you fully. Tit’s driving you mad. You need tit.