I know exactly what you’re here to study and it’s nothing they teach you in school now is it?
You’ve come to me for tutoring but it’s actually me who’s chosen you…
I know you’re a foot and hose guy but that’s not what I plan for you to study today. It’s not what I want to teach you.
You and your friends refer to me as ‘big tits,’ is that correct? You know I do have a name but I really don’t mind being called big tits. I know I have big beautiful tits and I know exactly how to use them to my advantage. So you want my time, tits, and skill? Good thing cash app is out friend. My tits mind fuck you so hard you need to send them tribute for tit tutoring you.

I know I shouldn’t have been taking selfies while driving but I mean just look at me! It’s what beautiful women do. Now just tell the that it wasn’t my fault. It was your wife who was at fault. Who cares if you submitted your dash cam footage. Cancel your insurance and pay me for the damages.
“Titty titty please, wouldn’t tit just be easier to make it just go away. Tit would be so much better. Take care of tit.”
“What are you talking about?! I’m NOT saying the word ‘tit’! Tit’s all in your head!”

Tit for tat blackmail fantasy game. You divulge your deepest darkest secret to me and I’ll reward you by showing you my perfect tits. But this secret has to be good, juicy. Something you’re so embarrassed about, something that if ever got out, would completely destroy you.

This way it’s tit for tat. If my tits ever got out for the low price of this clip I’d be just as humiliated as you, right?

Go ahead and open that message and type in what I’m telling you. This way if you share my tits I share your dirty little secret. You’re throbbing at the thought of sharing your secret. You need me to know the exact way to destroy you.

Teeny bikini top and bare naked tits.

My game where I make the rules and always win. Rules are as follows: there are 10 rounds and each round is going to cost you. You send the tribute to play each round. Each round consists of mind fuck breathing and stroking. You pay down your rounds until you get to zero aka orgasm.
Fucking your mind and your wallet. Fucked up on fumes.