Cock Key on My Ankle

So frustrating seeing your freedom dangling around my ankle. Your cock wants to twitch throb and grow but in the confines of that cage it’s not pleasurable. You don’t deserve to enjoy pleasure. You deserve a constant reminder who’s boss, who owns you.

And you can’t be upset. You not only want this, you deserve this. And you know I want this.

Sniff my toes, an added bonus to your chastity pressure. Watch the keys dangle while experiencing agony.

How long do you think you can last staring at the key around my ankle without a ruined orgasm. How long can you last in this state of frustration?

Cruel Chastity

Jingle jingle jingle, what’s that sound? You get excited when you hear the keys rattling, like a little puppy expecting a treat. But ultimately it’s up to me whether or not I want to play with you. Would it be cruel of me not to unlock your pathetic little cock.. to stand here, tease and laugh at your suffering? Watching a man have no control over his own cock will amuse me. I hold the key. I have the power. I make the rules. You suffer and you obey. You are my toy and that in it’s self in an achievement.

Lost Bet

lost bet

You honestly thought you would win? You thought you could resist the excitement I caused you and the urge to pay me?
Not only did you pay me for nothing, you’re paying me for this clip.
In fact, I’m going to do you a favor and lock up your cock. The less aroused it becomes the less you spend… right?
WRONG. It still throbs and you still have the urge to spend on me. You are nothing more than a financial slave and a tease and denial junkie. And the release fee, I will decide that once I hear from you…

30 Days Chastity Boyfriend Fuck Over

30 boyfriend chastity fuckover

I’m so proud of you baby! You’ve made it the full 30 days! It’s finally time to unlock you and allow you to enjoy a rue orgasm. But first I really want to blow your mind. I’ve got something to tell you baby. Don’t worry, I haven’t been cheating on you cuz… well.. it’s not cheating if I’ve decided to cuck you. That’s right. The whole time you were locked up in that cage I was out fucking quality dick. And now that I’ve had better I’m going to continue with better. And you’re not going anywhere are you, baby? I mean, you can walk out right now if you’d like. Or you can blow that 30 day pent up load for me but that will seal the deal that you’re my cuckold and I own you.

Under Pressure

You want to entertain AND you want to amuse me? You know what you’re going to have to do, don’t you? You’re going to have to put your cock under a lot of pressure in order to get a rise out of me. Literally. Before I get you too aroused, let me put this cage on and really put the pressure on you. Toying with you, fucking with you. It’s what entertains me. I want to watch you flail as it grows. I want to see it throbbing against my tube. Tell you what, I will even jiggle it for you! I’ll jiggle your caged cock just to see your cum dribble out of your cock in a ruined attempt at a pleasurable orgasm.