The cycle is unbreakable. You jerk off junkie, edge addict… goon goon gooning yourself until it’s impossible to control yourself any further, until you’re riding on my every word. Desperately waiting for my instructions because you are powerless to do it on your own.

Keep stroking for me. Pumping your leaking cock until I tell you to stop and I tell you take a break. Pushing your limits until you’re almost at your breaking point. So stupid and lost in my subspace, completely under my authority.


Lost all track of time. Stroking and stopping, stroking and stopping. Right to the edge for me. Stupid for me. Goon goon gooning. Begging to be taken over. Begging for complete loss of control. Edging into oblivion. Too hot to stop. Goon gooner, goon for me. Work it up, hold it back. Stupid silly gooner.

Can’t handle my tittie teases. Poor pathetic little inadequate dick gets so worked up it spits and explodes- just like that.

Which is exactly why we’re going to practice a lesson in edging. And of course your little dicklet is going to fight back. It’s going to throb and drip, begging you to cum. It’s gong to beg and plead to explode… and you might actually explode before given permission…. just more proof of your inadequacy. Stare at my tits as I watch that dicklet jump and pulsate. Stroking and stopping. Stroking and stopping to my tits. Poor pathetic dicklet starts and stops as I command. Stroke as the tease turns to hardcore humiliation. And let’s see if I even allow that release.