Even Escorts Reject You

sexual rejection by escort

You’ve hired me to lose your virginity…

Oh sweetie, that is not a penis, that is just pathetic. And paying for my time does not require me to go anywhere near it. You’ve been denied your whole life and you finally built up the courage to pay for sex… but I’ve just reinforced the rejection. You can’t even lose your virginity to an escort. You’re a virgin loser and no amount of money can buy you pussy. You’re so conditioned to enjoy rejection, your penis is hard while I humiliate and deny you.

Pussy Reject

When’s the last time you felt your pathetic little dick inside a tight, warm pussy? I bet you can’t even remember. And the best part is, you’ll never get the opportunity again. No woman wants a loser. You’ve got no other options to pump that palm of yours for the rest of your life.