What do you think the price of being born with a dick is? There’s a cum tax for every orgasm. There’s a fee for every hard on. The pleasure you feel is derived from financial sacrifice because you always have to pay to stroke. Stroking for me isn’t free. I can touch myself freely all day long and you can only stroke yourself at a cost. It’s expensive owning a dick. Go tribute me with a pre-cum tax and then watch me tease the fuck out of you before ultimately denying you.

Do you realize how mind numbingly easy boys are to control?

You make it so stupid easy for me. You goon and you drool. You can’t help yourself. So pathetic. You’re mind fucking your own self to me. Keep edging, keep stroking. Always chasing my sweet release.

You’re the one who can’t stop masturbating but you want me to take responsibility for it? You’re the one who can’t stop stroking and yet you blame me for it? Why would you blame me? An I enabling you?

How’s that pathetic lump of coal in your panties? Better enjoy it, it’s all you get this season.
Naughty pathetic pervert boys don’t get anything for the holidays. “Nice” men, you know… the alpha type… get women like me and poor naughty wanking losers get to spend the season all alone with nothing more than my clips as a reminder of who you really are.
Real men get pleasure. Losers get denied.