No need to sugar coat- No. Sh*t coat your addiction. A fart in your face is perfume. The most beautiful scent you’ve ever sniffed. Just one whiff of my asshole is enough to put you over the edge, huh freak?

MMMM. And imagine sticking your tongue inside my asshole… Nasty as FUCK.

My shine makes you stupid. It makes you want to stroke and spend.

Slutty shine makes you stupid, stroke, and spend.





Stroke as I mock your pathetic cock. Stroking to my middle finger and to my laugh. Stroke to everything perfect and holy.

Because you’re a loser and loser’s prefer to be humiliated and emasculated. Loser’s can’t watch “normal” porn because it’s not what a loser is into. A loser needs to be degraded to get aroused.

And I know exactly how to use you loser needs this against you.

It will never get better, you will never be “cured” but then again, why would you want to?

wannabe faggot forved bi

A wanna be faggot. So confused and mentally fucked I bet I could push you over the edge.

If I had you, I guarantee you’d drop to your knees and beg to take cock but I’d never take you on because you’re a sorry sad excuse, a fucked up head case, too pussy to even suck cock yet can’t cum thinking about anything else.

Being gay is completely acceptable. But being a wannabe faggot left in limbo, unable to enjoy straight sex and too pussy for gay sex is that fine line you’ll never figure out.

Let your cock throb as I squeeze and rub myself. Let the pre cum ooze out of the head.

This tease is so hot.

Stroke for me.