The higher the price tag, the hotter the tease. At the mercy of my paymails.

Tantric Tits

We’re going to practice the art of delaying gratification to experience the most fulfill and powerful orgasm ever.
Follow my guided practice and enJOI the ride.

Taste My Pussy

I know you’ve perved on girls panties before but you’ve never tasted fresh pussy. You’ve tried to suck that crusty leftover juice out of the crotch but it’s just not the same. And here I am rubbing it (literally) in your face, denying you.

You’re so close you can see each bit of me, everything in such perfect detail and you’re still rejected. It turns me on. I get wet and just to really rub that pussy juice in your wounds, I lick my finger clean.

Cock Key on My Ankle

So frustrating seeing your freedom dangling around my ankle. Your cock wants to twitch throb and grow but in the confines of that cage it’s not pleasurable. You don’t deserve to enjoy pleasure. You deserve a constant reminder who’s boss, who owns you.

And you can’t be upset. You not only want this, you deserve this. And you know I want this.

Sniff my toes, an added bonus to your chastity pressure. Watch the keys dangle while experiencing agony.

How long do you think you can last staring at the key around my ankle without a ruined orgasm. How long can you last in this state of frustration?

Blackmailed by Perfect Tits

Sensually teased and guided through your own demise of self.

This clip is very powerful and upon purchase you are locked into my demands or else blacklisted by me forever.