poppers sniff and stroke

I snap, you sniff.
You hold that vile of poppers under your nose and you wait for me to snap my fingers. You inhale as much or as little as I instruct and you feel the warm sensation flood your body. I tease you while you’re flying high and demand cash on the come down before you can take another whiff. Lose yourself in me.

I cheated on you loser

Of course I cheated on you. I cheated on you with my now husband because while you were always at work and he was around to fuck me. A true man with thick arms like his thick cock. Able to pick me up and throw me around. Not some little scrawny guy hunched over a keyboard. I cheated on you and you deserved it.
Now I want you to apologize for how you treated me. I want you to suck on my toes and I want you to cum…

*This was a custom request with a custom name used.
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Financial Dominating Wallets

Do you honestly think you can afford me? Not only do I demand all your cash but I expect your pride and humility. I get off on humiliating and emasculating you. You are nothing more than a jester, born to amuse me. Born to serve and obey me. An entertaining cash cow. So go on, try to afford me. I want you to.

meggerz top rips off

Except he wasn’t quite perving.
It all started as I was on the phone with my girlfriend giving her the play by play of the day’s events. The pathetic guy in the office was giving a presentation, staring directly at me, when suddenly – out of the blue – a button pops off my already too tight blouse… It escalated quickly into him blowing in his pants and getting fired… A story only a perv would eavesdrop in on…
So when I discover you, I am furious. I rip my clothing off to take power over the situation, I see you’ve already cum in your pants too and so threaten to call the cops. Who would they believe? But I realize you’ve had your earbuds in the whole time and didn’t hear a word of my convo. Well, someone is still going to pay for my destroyed clothing. So I’ll be taking your cards and your cash for the damages. And I’ll probably be holding onto them as long as I like.

meggerz cuckolding breakup

So desperately annoying and eager to do whatever it takes not to lose me. I tear you down verbally and pick you apart. And once you are at your very lowest, I offer you some reassurance that I will keep you in my life…
By fluffing all my new fucks. You will be introduced to all my new lovers as a past failure and you will diligently do your cuckolding duties. And of course you being the pathetic loser that I’ve always known you to be, you eagerly agree.