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So this clip is more so directed toward HER but feel free to watch it together.

Do you know what he thinks about when he jerks off? Or even while he’s fucking you? He’s thinking of my ass. I mean does your ass really look anything like mine in these tight sheer pants? There is absolutely no comparison. In fact my ass is so perfect and you’re still with this one who can’t get enough of me, the two of you were meant for each other to worship me ass together. So now the two of you, get down on your knees and be my ass bitches together.

Such an ass kisser, feeding my ego whilst being a bumbling idiot. But what I want is a literal ass kisser. A nervous slave on his knees awaiting permission to press his lips against my ass. Pucker up and wait for my word to kiss. Grovel and verbalize your cock throbbing lust for me. I know it’s difficult thinking with your little brain but either way you’re going to sound stupid, so don’t let that stop you. Talk to my ass, tell me how you need it.

Lips to the screen, on the count of 3, kiss my ass.

Such a filthy fuck. You crave to sniff my asshole. It’s all you can think about, huh?

Your nose so deep inside of me. I’m all you can smell and I’m all you can taste. Think of all the vile ways I can make your asshole treat even more delicious. Post workout. Or how about post sex. Imagine tasting all my juices that have dripped down my pussy and into my crack. And all his too. So many wants to fuck with you.