We cross paths at a Halloween party. You’re dressed in silky slutty pink lingerie with a full face of makeup and I’m dressed as a dominatrix. We’re instantly drawn to each other. I suggest I grab us some drinks and meet up in an empty room.

You slowly start nodding off. I’ve put you under a trance. I instruct you to kiss and suck my foot as I compare it to something thick and hard… like a cock. I confess to you my obsession: turning alpha men into cock suckers. I pull out a cunt plug and instruct you to ride it as I describe your new fantasy to you. You won’t remember the details but you will be instinctively drawn to cock and my pantyhose. You take a self facial and leave it there and I snap my fingers, thank you for catching up, and we rejoin the party.

Swear off pussy because pussy equals pain. Pussy equals punishment. You wear you a spiked device to reinforce that. And you know how I really know you don’t need pussy? Because you have a useless limp dick. It’s so unreliable, it doesn’t even get hard half the time.

It’s not pussy that gets your clitty hot and horny. It’s slobbing cock that’s a reliable way to turn you on. Admit it. You’re a big fucking faggot.

Take a hit, long and drawn out for me. Sniff while I stuff you with my bbc. But it appears my bbc is too small for your worn out cunt. I’ll stuff my “average” black cock down your throat and use the monster big black cock to stuff your cunt while you inhale your goodies.

You think because you called off your little arrangement to be fucked by a BBC because you couldn’t take his 9 inch cock up your ass, that it didn’t count? That you’re not a little whore faggot?

Seriously now, you were on your knees sucking his big black cock dressed up like a little slut.

Admittedly disgusted in the moment yet your clitty is throbbing as I describe your sexscapades.

And the fact that you called off taking that BBC makes you even more pathetic. A failed cock fucker. No woman would ever want to fuck a “man” who dresses up like a whore to please another man’s cock.  This IS your sex life now.

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A wanna be faggot. So confused and mentally fucked I bet I could push you over the edge.

If I had you, I guarantee you’d drop to your knees and beg to take cock but I’d never take you on because you’re a sorry sad excuse, a fucked up head case, too pussy to even suck cock yet can’t cum thinking about anything else.

Being gay is completely acceptable. But being a wannabe faggot left in limbo, unable to enjoy straight sex and too pussy for gay sex is that fine line you’ll never figure out.

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You claim to be straight BUT…

You are a bonafide faggot. You and your depraved little mind. Your kinks and your fantasies. All your fetishes…. they aren’t an excuse. You are a “straight” man and yet you become aroused to what? What is it that you crave so much? COCK..?

No, that would be too easy. You jerk off to watching men lick other men’s ASSHOLES. Even most faggot’s don’t dive that deep.

Cum shots, watching him pop, mmmm. Faggot porn, you can’t get off without it. Even if I turn around and show you my asshole, there’s no hairy asshole, nothing dangling between my legs to get you hard and nothing to shoot off into your face to get you off. Come on FAGGOT blow your load to your disgusting secret.