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Findom Advice

I received this email,

“Dear Ms Meggerz. I recently stumbled upon some of your videos on my friend’s computer. All of the clips were bratty and involved being manipulated financially. Sure, I admit I’ve been able to get him to buy me a few little things; coffee, some makeup… but I didn’t realize it was his ‘thing’. And to make things even crazier, I think he experiments with chastity. So I wanted to get your advice. I know he’s a sucker for a good tease and this seems like something we could both benefit from, how do you recommend I proceed?”

And here is my advice.

Candid Convo – My Life

candid convo - my spoiled life

It’s like coffee talk (wine talk) with Princess Meggerz. I share with you a few of my thoughts on life, give you a little insight into my life, and of course and as always, humiliate you.
Life is hard. Cheers.