At times you wonder what it’s like to have a normal life. A girlfriend maybe. Something to fuck other than your the palm of your own hand. But those fleeting moments are few and far between. What you want, what you need is right here. You can try to run from the truth, toward some potential of a failed life but you in the end you will end right back here with me. You always end up here, stroking with me. There is no escape from because you do not want to escape. You want to indulge in me. You are a jerk off junkie for me. Fuck yourself for me.

Repeat after me, “This is my life, a jerk off junkie.”

I make you beg, weak and on your knees. I love flaunting my big tits. Stroke with me as I grab my shiny tits and jerk up and down. Beg for your orgasm, tit bitch.

This is a challenging cum countdown game. I count down from 100 and you stroke along with me resisting my triggering whispers. For every failed attempt resulting in premature ejaculation you owe me a tribute.

Can you last?

Enjoy my tits. Throb and edge. Stroke, stroke stroke!

You can handle this tease, the tease of all teases. I finally take it off. All off. Just for you.

I’m really here to serve you, aren’t I? this is your fantasy, your fetish and I’m just a little puppet acting it all out for you? I turn you on and get you off, huh?

I tease as you edge. And now you’re ready to cum for me. Let me tease it out of you.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! You’re a bitch, a nobody to me. I don’t care about you or your orgasm. I tease you to wrap myself around your mind , to drain and destroy you.