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Owned by big cock destroying tits. Controlled by the urge to stroke. Powerless. Absolutely nothing you can do about it other than goon out, bitch.

Drip, throb, drip, throb for my tits. How long have you been on this edging adventure?

My tits destroy your cock and you love it. Beg my tits to count your cum down.

You know, I think I will release you today and give that dick a little fun. But first I wanna tease and fuck with you while you’re still locked up. I want that cock to throb and ache for me. But of course you do realize that when I let MY cock out to play, I’m going to play with it MY way. It’s only an orgasm if it’s done my way.
So I’m going to let you out and I’m going to let you jerk… with a condom and an over abundance of lube. The less you feel the better. We wouldn’t want you to lose it so soon.
Oh, you want to take that condom off? Okay. So tie those balls up for me. It’s always give and take. You give and I take. Now here comes the real fun. I’m going to let you jerk with your 3 little fingers but only while I count and you hit them cum countdown on the mark or else you don’t get to blow.

Tell me how it feels being a pathetic foot bitch, coerced before my feet. Coerced to take a sniff of my stinky sock. Go ahead foot bitch, this is your permission to take a sniff of my disgusting worn workout sock and tell me just how much it turns you on. Tell me how my feet own you. And how my feet control you. You’re nothing more than a hopeless foot bitch destined to serve my feet for eternity.

Look at these worn socks, the fabric worn through and look at you down there salivating. Desperate to worship perfection. Take another sniff and thank me for giving you purpose.

Watch me try on and tease you in a few different pairs of panties. Light humiliation but mostly just showing off and teasing. I mean of course you won’t be fucking me, you’ll only be fucking your hand but you’re still allowed to look as long as I’m showing off.

Pump pumping away imagining my little pussy behind this little piece of fabric. Peeks of my manicured pubes make you drool and throb. You wish you were sniffing my perfect pussy and hey, buy a pair and you will be.

Wow, what a fucking moron. I can’t believe you voted for Trump. Fucks like you shouldn’t even be allowed to reproduce. Which is why I’m going to give you a JOI cum countdown to my dirty feet and waste your sperm. You don’t deserve pussy, all you deserve is the filth and dirt off the bottom of my feet. Lap it up, stroke it off, and cum on command.

You guessed it, this was a custom clip request.