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My feet are perfect no matter the state but you have a secret soft spot for nibbling off all the skin and imperfections. This won’t last for long footboy. You’re paying for my pedicure next so I suggest you take this opportunity to be my dirty foot bitch. That you love being my foot bitch so much in fact, you don’t mind choking on the lint and the filth for the opportunity to nibble and clean. Throbbing and leaking for my feet and weak enough to do anything I tell you to.

The foot boy is on his knees and eager to clean every last spec of dirt off my filthy feet. This isn’t about him jerking to my feet, it’s him being of service to me and cleaning me. I want to see my soles shine when he is done with them. Beg to clean my feet, I want to hear it. And you do realize this is something a little soap and water could fix but I am honoring you with the privilege of slowly and sensually sucking and licking each wrinkle, toe, and crevice clean.

It’s seriously entertaining how easily it is to toy with you. You are so desperate for my shoes and I know it. So what if I only allowed you one shoe? You would then be put in a worshipping competition with another footboy. I’d pit you two star crossed lovers against one other for the title of “Best Shoe Cleaner.”

But could you really miss out on both my shoes?  Could you really let one of these gems go to another footboy? Aren’t YOU my number one?

I’ll have to charge you double for both of them but don’t worry though, I will keep the game going. I’ll let you compete with yourself. You’ll clean my shoes and send them back to me, a cycle we will continue until there is literally no shoe left to clean, so worn down and out. And then I will let you buy my anther pair to keep playing with my footboy’s devotion.

Eagerly waiting at the foot of my bed, always ready for any command.

Tell me how gratifying it is being my bitch, used at every beckon call. I snap and you kiss the bottom of my dirty heel. You want to take the filth from my heel and make out with it? Beg me. Make out with my heel for my amusement.

Now show me your bulge. I want to see with my own eyes exactly how hot it makes you cleaning the dirty from the bottom of my shoes.

Gym Sock Lurker

Dirty Gym Sock Sniffing

It’s no surprise you’ve finally come to ask me out, I knew our workout timing wasn’t a coincidence…
Excuse me? I don’t quite understand. You’re not here to ask me out on a date but instead ask to sniff my feet. I can’t believe you’ve actually taken notice to the fact that I’ve worn these socks 3 days in a row too. What are you, some kind of sick foot freak? You wouldn’t want me to inform all the other ladies in the gym of your perverted foot obsession, now would you?
You want these gym socks, you show me just how pathetic you’re willing to fall for them.