The cycle is unbreakable. You jerk off junkie, edge addict… goon goon gooning yourself until it’s impossible to control yourself any further, until you’re riding on my every word. Desperately waiting for my instructions because you are powerless to do it on your own.

Keep stroking for me. Pumping your leaking cock until I tell you to stop and I tell you take a break. Pushing your limits until you’re almost at your breaking point. So stupid and lost in my subspace, completely under my authority.


Lost all track of time. Stroking and stopping, stroking and stopping. Right to the edge for me. Stupid for me. Goon goon gooning. Begging to be taken over. Begging for complete loss of control. Edging into oblivion. Too hot to stop. Goon gooner, goon for me. Work it up, hold it back. Stupid silly gooner.

Do you realize how mind numbingly easy boys are to control?

You make it so stupid easy for me. You goon and you drool. You can’t help yourself. So pathetic. You’re mind fucking your own self to me. Keep edging, keep stroking. Always chasing my sweet release.

This is a challenging cum countdown game. I count down from 100 and you stroke along with me resisting my triggering whispers. For every failed attempt resulting in premature ejaculation you owe me a tribute.

Can you last?

Jerk off instruction

Always hungry for your next wank. Desperately, pathetically waiting for permission to stroke yourself into oblivion, aren’t you?

My little bitch, he wants to stroke his cock to my instruction while I tease, deny, edge, tease more…

You’re throbbing and dripping waiting for permission to stroke. But all I want you to do grip it and apply firm pressure. No stroking- firm pressure. Squeeze to my tease.