We all know I have the power to get what I want. And I want complete access into your account. Not necessarily to destroy you but I always like taking what I want when, I want it. So my goal isn’t to ruin you in one fell swoop. It’s to slowly drain you and milk you dry. I want us to both enjoy your decent into me.

So with that being said, I’m going to tell you a few stories of what I’ve done to those before you and what I plan to do with you. I don’t need to ‘take’ anything from you when you’ll be begging me to have all access.


Well, well, well. Look what we’ve got here. Another man who thinks he won’t crack under me.

I tell ya what. Let’s have a candid chat. Very relaxed and open. You give me a little something to get my superiors off my back and I’ll give you a little something extra. Can’t imagine a man who’s got as much going on as you do has the time to be with women. And I don’t say this too often…. I don’t say this ever but I’m a little intrigued and a little turned on by you. And since no one’s watching…

I’ll give you what you need and you give me what I need.

What do you think the price of being born with a dick is? There’s a cum tax for every orgasm. There’s a fee for every hard on. The pleasure you feel is derived from financial sacrifice because you always have to pay to stroke. Stroking for me isn’t free. I can touch myself freely all day long and you can only stroke yourself at a cost. It’s expensive owning a dick. Go tribute me with a pre-cum tax and then watch me tease the fuck out of you before ultimately denying you.

You earned this release. And soon you will be collared and given the honor to be mine forever. My good boy, forever and always. Til de ath do us part. Enjoy your slow, sensual, guided release. It’s going to be a long time before I again allow you to do something for yourself.

No leather or latex. No whips, no chains. I don’t need any of that. I know my natural power over men. And I know how hot it is seeing me relaxed in pajamas, a true intimate state. So cute and innocent. Ready to fuck you over.

Kiss my ass, bend over backwards for me. It’s the little things I expect from you. Morning coffee and fresh flowers, grocery runs and being at my beck and call. Please me. You got this.