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My feet are perfect no matter the state but you have a secret soft spot for nibbling off all the skin and imperfections. This won’t last for long footboy. You’re paying for my pedicure next so I suggest you take this opportunity to be my dirty foot bitch. That you love being my foot bitch so much in fact, you don’t mind choking on the lint and the filth for the opportunity to nibble and clean. Throbbing and leaking for my feet and weak enough to do anything I tell you to.

Beautiful feet wrapped up in silky pantyhose. What a treat. Seeing that stitch, the seam in the toe of my hose drives you wild. Five little treats wrapped up in nylons for you to worship. Give each one of my toes a kiss and tell me you love being a bitch to my perfection.

But my feet and toes aren’t the only treat encased in my hose. Wouldn’t my pantyhose bitch love to take his nose and rub it in between my crotch and sniff my pussy too?

Sniff me, worship me, and beg for more.

Slippers, socks, pantyhose, foot dust, toe nails. How many goodies am I preparing for my foot bitch? So sexy and so humiliating. A sort of candid look at my feet.

I love worn socks. They get my footboys going. So worn out, so holy. And I can’t be walking around in holy socks. And since my standards are too high to wear holy socks – as should any woman’s – I’m going to recycle them to you.

What price will foot bitch pay for such high quality second hand goods? Tell me how badly you need these socks. To be instructed to sniff and worship me is truly a foot boy’s fantasy cum true. Look at these beautiful feet and tell me all the reasons why you need to worship me.

Stroke to my wide soft soles and big juicy soles. Stare up at your dream, my good little foot bitch and count down with me.

MMmmm boy do I have a treat for you. Mesmerized as I peel my sweat soaked socks off my plump moist feet. So delicious, so perfect. Such a foot boy treat. And I wouldn’t want to miss a drop of sweat so I take my socks and I use them to clear out in between each toe. All my sweat for my footboy because he deserves it all.