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You’ve got a wife or a girlfriend who will actually fuck you and you’re here with me. Now why is that? Me, a self proclaimed bitch admitting I’m only here to extract as much cash from you as I want…

Every time you have the opportunity to fuck something other than your hand, rather than get pussy, you know what you’re going to do instead? You’re going to TRIBUTE ME. And do you know how I know my little bitch is going to tribute me instead of having sex with a woman? Because I know my little bitch needs me. You love stroking off more than you like pussy and you NEED ME to cum. And if my bitch doesn’t do as I tell him, my little bitch will be denied access to me. So tell me how much you’d rather pay me to pump away at your hand than to get pussy.

You stroke on GREEN. You stop on RED. I control the jerk off. I control your dick. This clip doesn’t need much more explanation other than you aren’t stroking to my tease, only to my humiliating denial.

What’s it like being a loser, knowing you’ll always be rejected?

Wait, don’t tell me! I really don’t fucking care. All I know is what it feels like to get everything I want. And the feeling of rejecting losers like you is actually quite satisfying. I’m doing you a favor by giving you some humiliating sexual rejection porn to jerk off to vs going out there and really embarrassing yourself in front of an unsuspecting women.

Enjoy your up close and personal view while I drill into your head the reality of your pathetic existence.

Do you even realize what you’re doing? You’re wasting your life when you could be out there at least attempting to get laid. But what are you doing right now? Jerking off. Jerking off to me humiliating you for being a loser, none the less rather than looking for pussy.
I mean you could at the very least be on a date. Having a women show some interest in you which clearly I do not have. But you’re content being a loser. My loser.
You get more turned on at me calling you a loser than you do with the chance of having a women.
Normal human interactions < jerking to a cold hard computer screen.

The humiliation turns you on. The big L. The brutal truth is all it takes to work you up. Jerk your loser dick while I lay it on thick.

So who’s a good loser? Are you a good loser for me? Stroke your dick as I look down at you and laugh in your pathetic face. You LOVE the humiliating jerk. You love the sexy tease but you choose to jerk to the humiliating tease. Triggered as I whisper in your ear… loser… pathetic… loser…  over and over into your cum countdown.