I’m here for your pathetic little dicket you’ve got between your legs. I’m here to take pity on it and give it a little tease. See if you can last til the end until I give you the cum countdown or if your thick pent up babee batter in those swollen sexless ball will blow before you even make it there.

Imagine your cocklet between my tits or gliding between my butt cheeks. Or imagine my lips wrapped around it, my tongue licking it. But it would get lost inside my cleavage and it would blow instantly as soon as it touched my ass cheeks. Dicklet’s don’t get to be fucked or sucked by me. But I want you to enjoy my pitty tease as I mock slurp my little finger and mind fuck you into oblivion.

Pretty much no humiliation. Straight tit joi tease with cum countdown. Lucky you.
Lose yourself in my tits. Functioning on auto-jerk pilot. Fantasizing about my big soft tits wrapped around you.
Zip and unzip, watch my tits. Just a taste what you crave. I’m so hot and you’re so hard. You need to stroke, stroke, stroke to my tits. Pump away. Here they are, all for you. I want you to stroke. I want you to enJOI my tits.

Leave your little cock locked in its cage and set up your fuck station. I want your dildo set up where you can back up on it and pound your cunt into oblivion all whilst you pump away your locked up dicklet into your pocket pussy.

Think you’ll explode with that cage on or do you think it will leave you even more frustrated than you are now? My ass and tits teasing your locked up dick into growing, pressing against its cage. My whore loves his tight fit.

Moan my name and ride that cock. Fuck that pocket pussy. You can do it for me, you can cum in that cage. Do it. Cum in your cage for me.

You earned this release. And soon you will be collared and given the honor to be mine forever. My good boy, forever and always. Til de ath do us part. Enjoy your slow, sensual, guided release. It’s going to be a long time before I again allow you to do something for yourself.

Haha wasn’t that fun?

Don’t worry, I promise I’m not as cruel this time. 😉