At times you wonder what it’s like to have a normal life. A girlfriend maybe. Something to fuck other than your the palm of your own hand. But those fleeting moments are few and far between. What you want, what you need is right here. You can try to run from the truth, toward some potential of a failed life but you in the end you will end right back here with me. You always end up here, stroking with me. There is no escape from because you do not want to escape. You want to indulge in me. You are a jerk off junkie for me. Fuck yourself for me.

Repeat after me, “This is my life, a jerk off junkie.”

The ultimate investment: ME. Pay to obey me.

You fund into me. I am the portfolio that keeps you growing. You cash out in means of orgasm and I allow multiple, multiple cash outs. Secure your future in me.



Bow down before me. Strip yourself of all clothing, completely naked, on your knees, pray to me. Worship me. I am your religion.

I expect a shrine in dedication to me. Repeating as you bow, “there is no god other than Meggerz.” Pray and repeat after me.


Lost all track of time. Stroking and stopping, stroking and stopping. Right to the edge for me. Stupid for me. Goon goon gooning. Begging to be taken over. Begging for complete loss of control. Edging into oblivion. Too hot to stop. Goon gooner, goon for me. Work it up, hold it back. Stupid silly gooner.

Edging, gooning. You need me. You need to orgasm for me, at my command.

So powerful and so sexy. And I have all the power to giveth and I have all the power to takith it all away.

Molded so perfectly into the weakened mind fucked tit obsessed zombie puppet I want.