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Watch me try on and tease you in a few different pairs of panties. Light humiliation but mostly just showing off and teasing. I mean of course you won’t be fucking me, you’ll only be fucking your hand but you’re still allowed to look as long as I’m showing off.

Pump pumping away imagining my little pussy behind this little piece of fabric. Peeks of my manicured pubes make you drool and throb. You wish you were sniffing my perfect pussy and hey, buy a pair and you will be.

Taste My Pussy

I know you’ve perved on girls panties before but you’ve never tasted fresh pussy. You’ve tried to suck that crusty leftover juice out of the crotch but it’s just not the same. And here I am rubbing it (literally) in your face, denying you.

You’re so close you can see each bit of me, everything in such perfect detail and you’re still rejected. It turns me on. I get wet and just to really rub that pussy juice in your wounds, I lick my finger clean.

Cum Eater

He came into a condom and now it’s your responsibility to suck it all up. Suck it clean and dry. Suck his cum from my panties. Taste his deliciousness though mine.

I describe our sex life and what you’re going to do to taste it.