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Beautiful feet wrapped up in silky pantyhose. What a treat. Seeing that stitch, the seam in the toe of my hose drives you wild. Five little treats wrapped up in nylons for you to worship. Give each one of my toes a kiss and tell me you love being a bitch to my perfection.

But my feet and toes aren’t the only treat encased in my hose. Wouldn’t my pantyhose bitch love to take his nose and rub it in between my crotch and sniff my pussy too?

Sniff me, worship me, and beg for more.

You’ve come to me because your productivity is down. Your workplace has too many women in pantyhose and you just cannot stop wasting all your time staring and fantasizing. But I’m going to alleviate you of this condition. My pantyhose conditioning sessions will be a sure all cure all.

From this point forward you will only think about me in my pantyhose. You will train your mind to focus solely on me. Whenever you get horny you come back to here and now in my office and stroke to this reality. Stroke to me. Stroke picturing where you will cum. Watch as I dangle my black heels. Get lost in my pretty pink toes and soles through my sheer hose. Slowly move your gaze up my pantyhose clad legs.

And just like that – I’ve done my job.