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Oh if only you could stroke that cock. But you can’t because it’s locked… for me. It feels so good to suffer, to hurt for me. You love hurting for me. You love suffering for me knowing your dick is under my control. I can do whatever I want to you and I can get whatever I want from you. And when I am ready and only when I’m ready will I allow you to unlock your cock and feel the full stroke of your hand up and down the shaft. But right now it’s all about me and what I want. And I want the fun of teasing you and watching you squirm. So desperate, trying to make deals you’d never consider making without your little guy locked up so tightly. You never thought you’d hear yourself beg so much, offering up everything you’re offering now. Throbbing for the keys to your cock. But you’re going to cum with that cage on, not only to release some of that built up pressure but to impress me by doing exactly what I want.  Oh, and it will NOT be enjoyable.

What? You want a quickie? Grip it and hold onto it. Feel it throbbing. Feel what I do to it. It’s begging you to start stroking. It’s drooling for me. But you’re not pumping. You’re holding it and waiting while you throb and ache. I hold so much power over you, I could deny or I could encourage. And I know you’d like to cum for me.

And you’re not going to stroke for me. Nope. You’re going to squeeze it. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

Next, you take your palm and you rub it back and forth, back and forth but only, ONLY over the head.

Squeezing and Rubbing ONLY.

You can do it. Squeeze and rub, squeeze and rub. Impress me and get your orgasm or keep playing this clip over and over and over because you know what they say about practice…

The keys to your achy cock trace my cleavage.

Suffer for me.

I love fucking with your mind while I’ve got your cock completely under my control.

The pressure’s building and it feels so good to suffer to my tease.

Cum for me in that cage. Dribble dribble drip drip…

Premature Ejaculation Loser

Follow up to “1 Minute Bet”

You know you are my “friend” and I’d like to go out to drinks tonight with a clear conscience so I will give you another chance to prove you can handle me. So here’s the new deal. You last a whopping 30 seconds (because we all know a measly one minute was just waaaay toooo long) and you can come out with me tonight and see where the night takes us. BUT if you blow in your pants again, another premature ejaculation, I take everything in your wallet and that’s it, you got me?

Under Pressure

You want to entertain AND you want to amuse me? You know what you’re going to have to do, don’t you? You’re going to have to put your cock under a lot of pressure in order to get a rise out of me. Literally. Before I get you too aroused, let me put this cage on and really put the pressure on you. Toying with you, fucking with you. It’s what entertains me. I want to watch you flail as it grows. I want to see it throbbing against my tube. Tell you what, I will even jiggle it for you! I’ll jiggle your caged cock just to see your cum dribble out of your cock in a ruined attempt at a pleasurable orgasm.