You can’t enjoy the stroke, your orgasm isn’t as fulfilling without truly knowing you’ve done everything you possibly can do to please me. You put me first. But you can’t do that because you have baggage, don’t you?
You could easily sneak off and bang one out behind her back but it’s not the same. You want lasting commitment. You want to invest in me, in us. I am your one true future. It’s me and you, til the end. You’re one true desire.

I am Satan herself.

Pledge your heart to me, bow down devotionally. Your satanic heart bleeds for me.

I proclaim this Temple of Flesh as the ruler to be.

Join me in hell.

This is a sensual tease for my good boys who have earned the privilege of enjoying their stroke.

I don’t even feel like I have to say anything right now. I’ve captured you with this view. It’s breathtaking and all I want you to do is take it in and enjoy it.

You needed this, all of this. And you need me right now in these final seconds before you blow.

Do you understand now what it means when I say you’re fucked?

Do you realize it only took a couple of days for you to spend over one thousand dollars on me and I haven’t even done anything. You start thinking about me and you’ve learnt quick that when I bring you pleasure, when your cock starts to grow- it’s as if I am there snapping my fingers demanding a tribute. But I’m not there snapping my fingers. I’ve just got you conditioned so well. And you’ve also figured out that if there is no spending then there is no stroking and definitely no squirting.

Be a good pay piggy.

A good piggy for me.

You want to stroke to me, not her.

Stroke to me. Give into me. Release it for me.