Be a good pay piggy.

A good piggy for me.

You want to stroke to me, not her.

Stroke to me. Give into me. Release it for me.


Giving into my greed so easily. Paying such a hefty price tag to be awarded the title of good boy from me. You’ve earned it.

You’ve earned it all with your wallet.

Stroking with pride as if we share this intimacy of you being my good boy. Keep stroking faster and faster. Don’t stop. You only release at my command. Keep stroking through the pain. Work through the need to orgasm and will yourself not to cum, not until I’m ready. You’re my good boy. You obey me.

Are you going to cum? Are you going to fuck everything up for your stupid orgasm?

You ruined it. You displeased me. And now you pay the price.


Let me let you in on a little secret. I really don’t care whether you cum or not.

And I’m not going to give you instruction on how to stroke your cock. Because you’re a loser and underserving of that much of my attention.

All I have to do is stand here and look pretty because losers always pay.

Losers expect nothing. Losers deserve nothing. You’re a loser who will stroke to absolutely nothing.

In fact, you should be holding that orgasm back knowing you don’t deserve it and embracing denial all the while looking for ways to please me.

Tantric Tits

We’re going to practice the art of delaying gratification to experience the most fulfill and powerful orgasm ever.
Follow my guided practice and enJOI the ride.

Blackmailed by Perfect Tits

Sensually teased and guided through your own demise of self.

This clip is very powerful and upon purchase you are locked into my demands or else blacklisted by me forever.