Slave task! And guess what! It involves your favorite! Cock!

Well, almost. It involved sucking on my dildo, helping you progress into bigger and better cock.Do you have what it takes to be my whore?

Aren’t you curious? I know you are.

You can look bu tit’s only enjoyable to you when you’re being denied. Denied the stroke and/or the orgasm. Or made to pay dearly for the pleasure.

You work hard for this view. And you work harder for the tease. And you do it every. single. time. because you’re my good tit bitch.

and you’re not cumming, you’re learning, practicing self control and sacrifice for me.

Stroke to me and then stroke to my fingers. You know, that sexy little L symbol that gets you so worked up. Pump it, loser. And let me remind you how easy this is for me. You’re so eager to gobble up any sort of loser humiliation that all I have to to is stand back and rub how pathetic this truly is in your face.

Now repeat your loser mantra out loud for me. “I’m a loser. I’m a loser. I’m a loser.” Repeat it as you stroke. Over and over, again and again… withOUT cumming.