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Teeny bikini top and bare naked tits.

The life of a jerk off junkie’s got to be tough, huh? Fucking your palm and only your palm just isn’t fair, right..? You get to ‘fuck’ whenever you get horny without worrying about someone saying no to you.

But that’s all about to stop. I am saying NO to you. You’re not fucking that hand anymore. And I don’t even need to a cage for it, to even hold your key either. You only stroke when I allow it and you stop when I say your times up. We play by (and fuck by) my rules now. Hands off, no orgasm.

Stroking for me and only me. Stroking under my control only. Forced to stare at my body while your dick throbs, drips, and begs to be touched but unallowed to do so. Being told to pump away to me, being given a cum countdown, and being made to stop at one. No tricks, no games. You stop at one, you are being denied.