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You slowly start nodding off. I’ve put you under a trance. I instruct you to kiss and suck my foot as I compare it to something thick and hard… like a cock. I confess to you my obsession: turning alpha men into cock suckers. I pull out a cunt plug and instruct you to ride it as I describe your new fantasy to you. You won’t remember the details but you will be instinctively drawn to cock and my pantyhose. You take a self facial and leave it there and I snap my fingers, thank you for catching up, and we rejoin the party.

Your little clitty is throbbing in and your soaking your panties. You feel so pretty in those panties. But you look like a whore. A slutty pathetic whore. I’ve got your cunt stuffed with a pretty little bejeweled plug. You wanna feel sexy just like me.

But you can’t be like me. I’m picky and you’re nothing more that a wet hole that takes whatever cock I stuff you with. Get down on your knees whore and suck my cock for me. Tell me, who’s boss?

Boner resistance – Mind over matter: are you man enough? Take the test and I will determine if you are a closet fag or you truly have control over your cock.

What could be hotter than a powerful woman..? Trick question.

A powerful woman’s cock.

Be a good girl for me and take this cock. Kiss it. Lick your lips and pucker up. You want to choke on it? I want you to chock on it but not right away. I want to humiliate and tease you with this big beautiful cock. Of course I will eventually have you gagging and choking, covered in spit and filth on your knees begging.

Blow a kiss at my cock. Sound silly? Good. It’s humiliating you blowing kisses at my cock begging to be fucked. You don’t even deserve my cock or the title of my cum dump. You earn it.

Swear off pussy because pussy equals pain. Pussy equals punishment. You wear you a spiked device to reinforce that. And you know how I really know you don’t need pussy? Because you have a useless limp dick. It’s so unreliable, it doesn’t even get hard half the time.

It’s not pussy that gets your clitty hot and horny. It’s slobbing cock that’s a reliable way to turn you on. Admit it. You’re a big fucking faggot.

Take a hit, long and drawn out for me. Sniff while I stuff you with my bbc. But it appears my bbc is too small for your worn out cunt. I’ll stuff my “average” black cock down your throat and use the monster big black cock to stuff your cunt while you inhale your goodies.