Wow, what a fucking moron. I can’t believe you voted for Trump. Fucks like you shouldn’t even be allowed to reproduce. Which is why I’m going to give you a JOI cum countdown to my dirty feet and waste your sperm. You don’t deserve pussy, all you deserve is the filth and dirt off the bottom of my feet. Lap it up, stroke it off, and cum on command.

You guessed it, this was a custom clip request.

These slippers were the best. Super warm and so well insulated to incubate all the most perfect foot scents and smells. But it’s time to re-home them and I know just the footboy for the job. With just one whiff of these slippers, footboy goes crazy. One whiff makes you beg to fall lower and be entertaining and more useful to me. But before I show you my prefect feet I want to tease you with your other weakness: my ass.

Imagine kneeling before my ass and running your tongue up and down my wrinkled soles… and then all the way up to my ass, giving it a kiss. But let’s not get too carried away now. Let’s get back to my stink, sweaty slippers. I want you to be the proud new owner of my slippers. When you give them a little sniff they give you a big throb and you drift away into foot bitch heaven. Face it, you need me.

My feet are perfection and you pray to your foot god.

First I give them a nice little shaving to get off all the old skin… which I then of course allow you to purchase to add to your alter of me. I am your one true god and you bow down and pray before me, at my mercy. I pamper my feet and you worship from afar, always serving pure perfection.

God, my feet are so perfect… so perfect in fact that I am god. And you bow down before me and you worship my perfection. You pray to your god, down on your knees. Meggerz is my one true god. You worship your holy treat, my holy feet.

And you watch me cut my toenail treat to make your shrine out of to pray to.

You get so weak for my feet. My soles make you do anything and everything I want. All I have to do is flaunt my wrinkled soles in your face and you beg to be used by. Totally my foot bitch for my perfect wrinkled soles. Beg to nibble on my feet.