Tis The Season To Tribute Me

This the season to tease. A time for giving and spreading the JOI (jerk off instruction). A time to be thankful. A time for my little slave to spoil me rotten. I’ve been so good to you this year and you’ve been the one sneaking around stroking off without sending tribute for my time. It’s been a great year of you enJOI’ing me. And now it’s time to celebrate tributing me. Tease the season to tribute Me. [/av_textblock]

Spending Christmas Eve On Me

meggerz findom clip

Tomorrow morning I want you to wake up to a hard lump of coal. I want you to have spent the entire Christmas Eve on me. I’ve been such a nice girl for such a naughty boy this year. Tis the season to me.

Financial Dominating Wallets

Do you honestly think you can afford me? Not only do I demand all your cash but I expect your pride and humility. I get off on humiliating and emasculating you. You are nothing more than a jester, born to amuse me. Born to serve and obey me. An entertaining cash cow. So go on, try to afford me. I want you to.