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You crave my filthy asshole smeared up into your face. You vile, disgusting perverted asshole cleaning bitch. You wanna tongue kiss my chocolate starfish. Hahaha all of these cute names can’t cover up the reality of this perversion. Get your tongue in there and clean me out.

Tight sweaty yoga pants are your downfall. Burying your nose inside my crack and being allowed to worship and sniff my juicy booty, what a delicacy. Butt bitch 4 life.

So this clip is more so directed toward HER but feel free to watch it together.

Do you know what he thinks about when he jerks off? Or even while he’s fucking you? He’s thinking of my ass. I mean does your ass really look anything like mine in these tight sheer pants? There is absolutely no comparison. In fact my ass is so perfect and you’re still with this one who can’t get enough of me, the two of you were meant for each other to worship me ass together. So now the two of you, get down on your knees and be my ass bitches together.

These slippers were the best. Super warm and so well insulated to incubate all the most perfect foot scents and smells. But it’s time to re-home them and I know just the footboy for the job. With just one whiff of these slippers, footboy goes crazy. One whiff makes you beg to fall lower and be entertaining and more useful to me. But before I show you my prefect feet I want to tease you with your other weakness: my ass.

Imagine kneeling before my ass and running your tongue up and down my wrinkled soles… and then all the way up to my ass, giving it a kiss. But let’s not get too carried away now. Let’s get back to my stink, sweaty slippers. I want you to be the proud new owner of my slippers. When you give them a little sniff they give you a big throb and you drift away into foot bitch heaven. Face it, you need me.

Who’s my good boy? Are you my good boy? You jump for the reward of my ass, turning to mush as I tease you? Weak and stupid thinking about all the things you’ve done for me over the years. Do you realize you’ve helped create me? Given me everything I’ve ever wanted, you’ve created this monster. And you’re going to continue to feed and feed and feed me until you have nothing left. Remember, I didn’t ask for any of this, I just expected it. I’ve built an empire of good boys conditioned to expect a fulfill a duty at the sound of my snap.

He loves his little teases but he knows they aren’t because he deserves to stroke. These teases are to drive deeper into your brain and mush it up.