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Lucky whore was honored the duty of buying me bikinis and now I profit again by charging you to see just how hot I look in them. #SuccessfulBusinessWomenStrategy

You can resist me this time? Do you really believe that? Not a chance.
There is no resisting me. But I’m willing to give you a chance just to watch you fail. There is only 3 simple steps to self control.

1.You don’t get hard. Who controls your dick, me or you?
2. You don’t stroke. We know you’ll fail and get hard but you don’t ‘my’ dick.
3. And if you’re not stroking it, easily resisting me, you’re definitely not going to cum.

We both know know I always win. You can’t resist.

You told yourself this wouldn’t happen again. And yet here you are, a failed attempted to resist tit.

You’ve caved, surrendered to me. Always submi’tit’ing to your weakness. Tell me, doesn’tit feel so good surrendering to my powerful weapons, the ones aimed right at you? So weak and powerless, you cannot res’tit’ me.

You stroke and always enjoy tit… but do you cum to tit?

You can’t take your eyes off my cleavage. You stare and beg to stroke. Stroke AND SPEND. It doesn’t feel as pleasurable without spending on me. Begging to earn your orgasm. Begging to worship and pamper my every whim. It’s what live is meant to life for.