How long do you think you can stare at me without blowing? Watching my rub my body, caressing my tits, teasing you with my pussy. You love stroking to me. It makes your dick twitch seeing more than you deserve. Twitch, throb, and then leak. Teased into submission.

So horny and so stupid for me.

How does it feel down there on your knees with me looking down at your pathetic, useless existence? Is it even fair that you get this view of perfection while I have to stare down at… you. At failure. I suppose for the price I am charging for this clip, it is as close as it can be.

The only thing between you and my naked body are these little pasties covering my nipples and let me tell you, I’d never in one million years show you anything that you don’t deserve. But I will let you stare up and stroke off to this clip because I profit off of you. I’m not going to lie about what I’m here for. I’m here to flaunt my body and rub in your face what you’ll never have in order to get what I want. And we know I ALWAYS get what I want.

Dumbstruck with your dick in your hand.

You adore viewing my leather gloves rubbing my round ass. How mesmerizing it is. How it’s causing you to throb uncontrollably. And how much you love being a good boy, earning these mind fuckingly delicious rewards.

But now tell me, do you really think you deserve this, deserve me? *SMACK* Maybe I need to smack some sense into you.

Anticipating the feel of my leathered gloves touch your face, so worked up to feel me make that connection. So tell me how much harder you are going to work for me, my glove obsessed bitch. You need to be used by my leather gloves, smacking you in the face.

I’m feeling hot and generous right now, I’m in the mood for a little worship session. I’m going to let you, my little sub slave bitch show me just how much you adore me. Isn’t that what you want to do?

Let’s warm up with my ass. Give it a kiss. You show tribute through acts of affection.

But kissing my ass is a very selfish act. We both know you’re getting much more out of this than I am. So for every kiss you give me, I’ll give you a smack across your ass to show you just how I truly feel about you. You worship me and I destroy you. That’s our special slaving worshipping dynamic.

Throbbing with dick in your hand but I never gave you instruction to start stroking. Your hands are off your cock…. my cock. I own your cock.

Right now I just want you to stare at me while I tease you with my body. And I don’t want you stroking at all. Feeling that throbbing ache, letting it bounce and drip for me. Hands off enjoying the show. How hard and desperate are you for me to allow pumping? But you’re not stroking. You’re not pumping. You’re not fucking that f1st. Hands off of my cock because I would hate you to take a couple of pumps, explode and ruin my show. So we’re not ruing the show. We’re going to keep sitting there with our hands off my cock.

…okay, I’m ready to give it to you now.

Here we go… 10… 9… 8…